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Faunal wealth of the reserve is also impressive. In azmatsite Kamchia river and found 25 species of fish, which accounts for the majority of Bulgarian freshwater ichthyofauna. Among the more interesting are the wild carp, Caucasian goby, etc. devetiglenata minnow. There were 14 species of amphibians and reptiles included in the Bern Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and fauna.

In the area are 258 species of birds found that about 66% of the species found in Bulgaria. Among rare for Bulgaria and Europe bird species breeding in the reserve are the black stork, Lesser Spotted Eagle, Hobby falcon, great Honey Buzzard, and seven (of nine) species of woodpecker, common in Europe.

"Kamchia" is one of the most important places for the middle spotted woodpecker and Semi-collared Flycatcher. The reserve established 26 species of small mammals. Interest is brown mountain vole, which usually occurs in deciduous forests in Bulgaria over 800 meters above sea level So far, the Black Sea was detected only in the region of Kamchia Ropotamo. Another interesting species in otter conservation terms is included in the European Red List and the Bern Convention.